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RCN Digital TV

RCN Digital TV is not like your traditional TV where you get a set number of channels and limited entertainment. RCN takes your entertainment seriously and brings you unlimited content so that you are never bored.

Get RCN Digital TV and enjoy the best cable TV services you can imagine! Single Play RCN Digital TV in Boston starts at $59.99/mo. for 12 months. You get RCN Signature TV with more than 282 channels and Digital TV.

RCN infuses your traditional TV with streaming services with TiVo experience. TiVo packages gives you access to Netflix and other apps right on your TV and on your mobile through RCN2Go.

You can also get Sports Packages, International programming, and Premium channels such as HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and more.

Ultimate On-Demand

Not just that, with RCN On-Demand and the TiVo Experience, you get movies and television shows to choose from. There’s nothing to beat RCN Digital TV offers in home entertainment. You can watch last night’s shows and the latest movies as soon as they're released. Never miss a show or movie. Record Live TV, your favorite shows and movies with RCN’s DVR service – that too for free.

TV on-demand
RCN’s parental controls

Viewing Safety

It is impossible to keep tabs on what kids are watching all the time and hence RCN is there to make your life easier. RCN understands the importance of filtering inappropriate content for children and so it comes with Parental controls that lets you give your children the freedom to watch TV without exposing them to content not meant for them.

Parental controls allow you to put passwords on titles and content with specific ratings that you don’t want your kids to access. Moreover, you can also completely any channels that you deem not appropriate for your kids. RCN is all about convenience and ensuring peace of mind for its customers. All you need to do is sit back and let RCN take care of your worries.

Order Your RCN Package Now

Watch your favorite show or movie, call a friend, put up posts and share family pics and videos on social media, have fun with online gaming, and much more! Whatever you want to do online, RCN has a package to fit your needs. Enjoy great entertainment, stay in touch with the people you care about and connect with the world - all at a great price when you bundle all three services with RCN.

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RCN High-Speed Internet

RCN High-Speed Internet

With our High-Speed Internet, you get to enjoy fast, reliable and affordable broadband connectivity. Enjoy streaming shows, videos and movies, uploading pictures and playing online games at lightning-fast speeds, and that too, without any lag in connectivity.

Impenetrable Online Security

Being online can be unsafe. When surfing the web, sending an email or paying your bills online you need to protect your personal information from identity theft, viruses, hackers or spyware. RCN protects you with McAfee® Internet Security Suite included with any internet plan at a low cost. Not just that, RCN also protects you with wire maintenance and controlled IP access.

Order RCN Internet Now

Sign up with RCN for the best internet deals you can get. Bundle up our internet service with RCN Digital TV and phone to save even more. With RCN’s fast and reliable internet, you won’t need another connection!

RCN Home Phone

  • Crystal clear call quality
  • Reliable digital network
  • Includes 17 free calling features
  • No per-minute U.S. calling rates
  • Unlimited phone calls nationwide
  • Unlimited calling within the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada

Stay in touch with your loved ones. Make unlimited calls within the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada over our reliable digital network.

Plus, you get 17 popular calling features - all for free. Calling friends and family couldn’t have been easier, that too, at incredibly low international rates. With all these great offerings, make RCN your phone service provider and talk all you want with your loved ones at no extra charge.

RCN Home Phone

Stay Secure with eero Plus

Using eero Plus you get all your security settings and tools on one mobile app in order to keep your personal information and devices safe. Enjoy efficient security features for your homes like an antivirus program, ad blocking, VPN protection, password management and more. Stay protected with eero Plus.

RCN pricing changes from one region to another. In Lehigh Valley, PA, you can get an internet and Signature TV bundle for $119.58/mo. This RCN bundle gives you 100 Mbps fast internet and a digital TV service with over 200 channels. Call 1-855-349-9313 for RCN bundle pricing in your area.
RCN internet and phone bundle pricing varies with the area you are located in. In Boston, MA you can get an internet and phone bundle for as low as $30.99/mo. This RCN bundle provides you 100 Mbps fast RCN Internet and Unlimited nationwide calling with RCN Home Phone. Call 1-855-349-9313 for RCN bundle pricing in your area.
Like with standalone services, and double play bundles, RCN Triple Play offers are priced different in different service locations. In New York City you can get RCN internet, digital TV and home phone for $96.31/mo. This RCN bundle gets you 250 Mbps fast internet, Signature TV with 200+ channels, and RCN Home Phone with unlimited nationwide calling and many digital calling features. Call 1-855-349-9313 for RCN bundle pricing in your area.
When you sign up for just one service it costs more. And, when you bundle the service RCN gives you a discount on one or more services. This brings down your overall monthly cost.
No, you do not need to sign a contract for RCN internet services. RCN services come without an annual commitment.
If you wish to subscribe to a RCN bundle you can call RCN Customer Service at 1-855-349-9313 and they’ll have a representative to guide you through the process.

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