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Fun-Fueled and Pocket-Friendly MetroNet TV Packages

Live in the future and go 100% Fiber! Get fiber TV entertainment along with your fiber internet connection. MetroNet Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service comes in three channel packages. You can use the TV service via any internet connection. But when you pair the TV service with MetroNet Fiber Internet, we can guarantee an incredible televisual experience. No buffering, pausing, or pixelation despite more than one connected device. Because, MetroNet Fiber Internet never slows down.

MetroNet TV pricing and TV channels differ from one location to another. So in order to get the exact price of a MetroNet TV package, call 1-844-343-1143. And, let a MetroNet expert help you out with details specific to your address.

Basic Fiber TV

  • Get around 100+ local & popular networks including ABC, NBC, PBS, QVC, HSN, and more
  • Enjoy 45+ FREE music channels
  • Watch anytime on any device with TV Everywhere feature
  • Access thousands of On Demand shows & movies
  • Watch Pay-Per-View Events
  • Fast channel change and interactive on-screen guide

Up to $30/mo.

$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. Prices and channel lineup varies with location

Standard Fiber TV

  • Get around 240+ local & popular networks including NFL Network, Big Ten, Disney, ESPN, National Geographic, SundanceTV, and more
  • FREE 60+ HD channels and 45+ music channels
  • Watch anytime on any device with TV Everywhere feature
  • Access thousands of On Demand shows and movies
  • Watch Pay-Per-View Events
  • Fast channel change and interactive on-screen guide

Up to $95/mo.

$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. Prices and channel lineup varies with location

Preferred Fiber TV

  • Get around 290+ local & popular channels including Encore, Science Channel, American Heroes Channel, GSN, and more
  • FREE 95+ HD channels and 45+ music channels
  • Watch anytime on any device with TV Everywhere feature
  • Access thousands of On Demand shows and movies
  • Watch Pay-Per-View Events
  • Fast channel change and interactive on-screen guide

Up to $105/mo.

$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. Prices and channel lineup varies with location

What do You get in Your MetroNet TV Package?

MetroNet TV combines the charm of traditional cable TV with the modern way of accessing video content. You still get to have all the sought after cable networks. Only that these channels don’t reach you via a cable TV system. Rather you stream them over a 100% fiber optic network. MetroNet also makes sure your viewing experience is as contemporary as it can be. So you get to watch in ways that are flexible, convenient and make things simple.

Incredible Channel Variety

The MetroNet TV service offers great variety of local and popular networks. The most watched programming genres, like lifestyle, news, family, music, kids, sports and entertainment are all covered. So, there is always something for everyone. Plus, the channel quality is highly enhanced when MetroNet Fiber powers your IPTV service. And, what you get is the 100% Fiber Advantage!

The Basic MetroNet TV package comes with around 100 channels, and is the most affordable TV package you will come across, with all TV essentials covered.

MetroNet Fiber TV Standard, lets you enjoy a carefully established balance of over 240 channels. You stand covered at all fronts with hardly a genre that is not showcased by MetroNet TV channels in this tier.

The 290+ channels included in the Preferred MetroNet TV package are more than enough to keep everyone in the family entertained. From Hallmark to Discovery, Disney to Nickelodeon, ESPN to Big Ten, CNN to BBC America, Freeform to Lifetime, and all the most loved STARZ/ENCORE channels—there is not an American favorite you won’t find among the MetroNet TV channels on the Preferred lineup.

More Fun with Add-Ons

Hungry for more entertainment? Add premium channels or a mini-package to your MetroNet TV and add more spice to your Live TV entertainment. For movies and TV show lovers, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® can offer an unlimited supply of the latest blockbuster hits and timeless classics.

For the sports buffs, the Sports Plus Package offers 15+ popular and coveted sports networks at your fingertips. And if you want to have an incredible HD experience, the HD Elite package brings in additional HD channels to the menu.

metronet tv packages

Multiple Equipment Options

You can include different TV equipment to your MetroNet TV package to enhance your televisual experience at a low monthly rate. From HD set-top boxes and Whole-home DVR to the smart TiVo®—you can pick an option that is in line with how you like to access TV entertainment.

MetroNet TV Equipment

What’s Included?

Whole-Home HD/DVR

  • Record up to 6 TV shows at the same time
  • Pause, record, and rewind live or recorded shows across multiple screens in your home
  • 100+ hours of recording storage
  • Continue watching your TV program from where you left off on a different screen
  • Record your shows from any internet enabled device
  • Get the interactive on-screen channel guide
  • Set Parental Controls
  • Enjoy FREE music and HD channels
  • Access Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View
  • ACCESSIBLE Whole-Home HD/DVR available for the visually impaired

HD Set-Top Boxes

  • Wired HD Set-Top Box
  • Enjoy a variety of HD and music channel
  • Access interactive on-screen channel guide
  • Set Parental Controls to protect children and set their schedule
  • Access Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View
  • ACCESSIBLE HD Set-Top Boxes available for the visually impaired


Currently only available in the Ohio Markets: Englewood, Tipp City, Troy, Union, and Vandalia

  • Find all your TV shows and entertainment content in one place
  • Intelligent, quick, and easy TiVo search guide
  • Control TV with the voice-activated TV remote
  • Enjoy seamless multi-screen TV entertainment with MetroNet TV Now app, inside or outside your home

Get the Fiber Advantage with MetroNet TV & Internet


MetroNet TV Channel Lineups — Entertainment for Everyone

Choose Basic, Standard, or Preferred. Each way you will get the ultimate Live TV experience with MetroNet TV channels. Enjoy hundreds of local and popular networks with your MetroNet TV package. The channel lineup varies with from one service location to another. As does MetroNet TV pricing. So, it is better you find out which channels are available in your area via the ZIP code. Call 1-844-343-1143 for expert help.

Here is the MetroNet TV Channel Lineup for Lafayette, Indiana. Get an idea about the kind of mix you get with MetroNet TV channels.

Is MetroNet TV Service Worth It?


  • Up to 290+ local & popular networks
  • Free HD channels
  • On-demand and pay-per-view events
  • Multiple TV options including Whole-Home HD/DVR, HD Set-Top Boxes, and TiVo® (TiVo® is currently only available in Ohio Markets)
  • ACCESSIBLE Set-top boxes and HD/DVR available for customers with visual impairments
  • Get Add-ons like HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, STARZ®, Sports Plus Package, and HD Elite Package
  • No contracts
  • Contract buyout up to $150
  • Get fiber TV and life-like quality entertainment by bundling TV with MetroNet Fiber which brings you unlimited data


  • Additional technology fee
  • Additional TV Only Surcharge for a standalone subscription (Fee will be waived if you bundle MetroNet TV with other services)
  • MetroNet coverage is limited to 7 states

Want to Watch TV with Fiber Advantage from MetroNet?


Know More About MetroNet Inc. Services

MetroNet started out in 2005 at Greencastle, Indiana, with the aim to deliver ultra-fast fiber optic internet to U.S. households. Today, MetroNet is one of the few providers in the U.S. which offer the same download and upload speeds, as high as 1 Gig, at affordable rates. The plenty of speed and bandwidth from MetroNet internet fulfill increasingly heavy streaming, gaming, and remote work demands.

MetroNet is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. And, delivers its pure fiber internet, TV, and phone services to most cities and neighborhoods in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio. The company is fast expanding its network to new neighborhoods and cities through its strategic MetroZone scheme.

Here are some fast MetroNet facts for you:

Company Name → MetroNet Inc.
Founded → 2005
Headquarters → 3701 Communications Way, Evansville, IN 47715
Number of Employees → 300+
Service Types → IPTV, Fiber Internet, and VoIP Phone
Coverage by State → 7 states
Population Served → 1.5 Million
Connection Type → Fiber
Internet Speeds → Symmetrical 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps
Data Caps → None
Modem → Included
TV Channel Numbers → Max. 290+ (varies by location)
On-Demand Library → Movies and TV shows in thousands
4K Channels → No
Long-Term Contracts → None
Website → Go to Website
Facebook → Go to Facebook
Twitter → Go to Twitter

Where to Find MetroNet Services?

Want the amazing reliability of 100% fiber MetroNet service? Then check out the MetroNet service locations below. MetroNet may not provide coverage as far and wide as some of the big shot service providers in the U.S., but its fiber infrastructure continues to expand.

The provider ranks among the top 10 residential fiber internet providers in the U.S., offering symmetrical 1 Gig internet speeds. And, serves around 1.5 million residents across seven states with the most coverage in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. In Ohio, MetroNet currently serves less than 2k residents in select neighborhoods. You can always check if MetroNet is offering its affordable fiber-powered packages in your neighborhood. Call 1-844-343-1143 and allow a MetroNet professional to guide you.

The MetroZones

If you don’t find MetroNet services at your address, worry not. You can always request MetroNet to establish their service in your area. The provider is looking to expand the reach of its fiber network, and your area can be the next fastest neighborhood in the state. But for that to happen, MetroNet requires its residents’ participation and approval.

The areas under consideration for expansion are known as the MetroZones. You can check out if your area falls in a MetroZone on the MetroNet website. The provider asks the residents to create an account on their website and deposit a tiny amount if they are interested in acquiring MetroNet fiber services in their address. Once the consumer demand reaches a certain level, MetroNet will begin work on establishing its fiber-optic infrastructure in that MetroZone.

US Map Pic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The MetroNet TV Everywhere feature lets you watch your favorite program from any device connected to the internet. Just visit and login with your username and password associated with MetroNet TV.

To use the MetroNet TV Everywhere service, you must complete a one-time registration at You will need to enter your MetroNet account number and the last name on the account with the correct spelling. Click on ‘Register’ and follow the prompts for the registration process. Better keep your last MetroNet invoice handy for accuracy.

You can watch hundreds of local and popular Live TV channels. The channel variety will depend on your chosen MetroNet TV package. You can also access thousands of on-demand TV shows, movies, and pay-per-view events with MetroNet TV.

The MetroNet TV pricing differs from one location to another. All three MetroNet TV packages are priced differently depending on the area of service. Here is a broad pricing range for MetroNet TV packages.

MetroNet Basic TV: Up to $30/mo.

MetroNet Standard TV: Up to $95/mo.

MetroNet Preferred TV: Up to $105/mo.

The MetroNet TV channel lineup varies with location, but you get up to 100 channels included in the Basic TV package, with 45 music channels included.

The MetroNet TV channel lineup varies with location, but you get up to 240+ channels included in the Standard TV package.

The MetroNet TV channel lineup varies with location, but you get up to 290+ channels included in the Preferred TV package.

MetroNet often introduces new promotional offers. You can contact the MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143, and ask for a discount. Customer service will oblige depending on the availability of a promotional offer in your area.

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