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Get the Fiber Advantage with MetroNet Internet


Get an Edge with MetroNet Fiber Internet

Quality of connection, service, or pricing. MetroNet Fiber is straightforward. Get symmetrical download and upload speeds via MetroNet fiber optic network. And, you will not suffer from lag time, buffering loops, pausing, or pixelation. Even when the whole family connects.

You can choose MetroNet 100% fiber internet as a standalone plan. Or bundle the MetroNet Internet with Fiber TV and/or Fiber Phone at amazing prices. Also, get yourself whole-home Wi-Fi to kill every dead zone in your home.

Have a look at our top MetroNet internet plans!

Fiber Internet 200/200 Mbps

Special Offer

  • You can choose to pay $54.95/mo. with a 2-year Price Lock Guarantee & Whole-Home Wi-Fi included

What You Can Do

  • Get the same download & upload speeds
  • Surf the web, stream video & music, play online games or connect via video chat
  • Connect 3+ devices


for the first 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.
(Regular rate is $59.95/mo.)

Fiber Internet 500/500 Mbps

Special Offer

  • You can choose to pay $64.95/mo. with a 2-year Price Lock Guarantee & Whole-Home Wi-Fi included

What You Can Do

  • Get the same download & upload speeds
  • Surf the web, stream HD video, upload & download large files, play competitive online games, or connect via video chat
  • Connect 4+ devices


for the first 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.
(Regular rate is $69.95/mo.)

Fiber Internet 1Gbps/1Gbps

Special Offer

  • You can choose to pay $69.95/mo. for the first 12 months & $74.95 for the next 12 months with Whole-Home Wi-Fi included

What You Can Do

  • Get the same download & upload speeds
  • Surf the web, stream 4K video, upload & download large files, play hardcore online games, or connect via video chat
  • Connect 5+ devices


for the first 6 months & $69.95/mo. for the next 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.
(Regular rate is $89.95/mo.)

What is Included in Your MetroNet Internet Deal?

You don’t only get fiber-fast symmetrical internet speeds with MetroNet, but much more. MetroNet makes sure subscribers enjoy a stable and hassle-free connection every day of the year. So, you would rarely experience outages or slowdowns with your MetroNet fiber internet.

Here is what you get if you become a MetroNet customer today.

MetroNet Contract Buyout

It’s frustrating when you are stuck in a long-term contract with an internet service provider. And, get poor service at sky-high prices. Well, you can now free yourself of that bond by switching to MetroNet. Because MetroNet will pay up to $150 in Early Termination Fee (ETF) to your old provider. All MetroNet requires of you is a copy of your final invoice, which highlights the ETF. You must send it to MetroNet Customer Service via email. And, do so within 60 days of your MetroNet service installation. MetroNet will credit the amount to your account.

Same and Next Day Installation

MetroNet makes your switch to their fiber internet service smooth and hassle-free. So apart from buying your old contract out, MetroNet is quick to extend their fiber cables to your home.

When you subscribe to the MetroNet internet service, check if the same or next day installation is available at your address. The offer is valid in select MetroNet markets.

No Contracts and No Data Caps

Very few internet service providers give their customers the freedom they want. And MetroNet is one of those few. MetroNet offers all that, and at affordable price-points too. Because the provider cares about its subscribers and wants to keep them happy.

So if you are a MetroNet subscriber, you can live in the happy land. Where you enjoy unlimited internet data every month. And, freedom from long-term contracts. Moreover, MetroNet ranks at the top on the Netflix® ISP Speed Index Rating* in every market!

*The Netflix ISP Speed Index calculates average streaming speed per internet service provider each month. It measures the rate that individual devices stream Netflix content, categories the data by internet service provider, and lists the average rates in ranking.

MetroNet Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

MetroNet has installed many Wi-Fi hotspots in many of its current service locations. This makes sure people without access to internet can remain connected when they are away from home. These 24/7 Wi-Fi hotspots are open to everyone for short-term use. So, even if you are not a MetroNet customer, you can enjoy super fast internet via these Wi-Fi points for the foreseeable future.

Check out the location of these Wi-Fi hotspots below:

Service State

MetroNet Wi-Fi Hotspot Locations


  • MetroNet Storefront – 2400 Lafayette Rd., Crawfordsville, IN 47933
  • MetroNet Storefront – 111 Commerce Dr., Franklin, IN 46131
  • MetroNet Storefront – 15 S. Indiana St., Greencastle, IN 46135
  • MetroNet Storefront – 438 N Jefferson St., Huntington, IN 46750
  • MetroNet Storefront – 414 N. Earl Ave., Lafayette, IN 47904
  • Taco John’s – 2004 N Lebanon, Lebanon, IN 46052
  • Main View Inn – 141 East Main Street, North Manchester, IN 46962
  • Kessler Park – 800 E Brown Street, Seymour, IN 47274
  • MetroNet Storefront – 287 North 15th St., Vincennes, IN 47591
  • MetroNet Storefront – 146 W Market St., Wabash, IN 46992


  • MetroNet Storefront – 503 N Prospect Road, Ste. 205, Bloomington, IL 61704
  • Dr. McKay’s – 909 North Hershey Road, Bloomington, IL 61704
  • JP’s Wheel and Ale House – 409 North Hershey Road, Bloomington, IL 61704


  • MetroNet Storefront – 902 W. Kimberly Rd. Suite 7, Davenport, IA 52806


  • MetroNet Storefront – 130 W Tiverton Way, Lexington, KY 40503

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“Are MetroNet Internet Deals Right For Me?”

MetroNet offers you a pure fiber internet service. Most big shots among nationwide ISPs are unable to do that. As does MetroNet despite the smaller size of the company.

Some cable providers do use ingenious tech. And fuse fiber with cable or copper to speed up the internet service they deliver. So much so that hybrid fiber-cable networks can give speeds up to 1 Gig. But, the fiber-cable connection does not offer symmetrical speeds. And, that is what is in demand by remote workers and gamers alike.

MetroNet is one of the few ISPs which offer a pure fiber optic connection. Symmetrical speeds at affordable rates enable consumers to work from home or even power their home-based business. You can relax with 4K game play free from the terror of ping spikes.

If you like to save some dollars on your monthly bill, DSL and cable broadband may seem like a cheaper option. But they won’t be as stable and reliable as fiber. Plus, you can still save with MetroNet fiber plans, if you subscribe to lower MetroNet speed tiers such as 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps. They do offer the same speeds as other connection types. But the similarities end here. Because, all MetroNet internet plans deliver the same upload and download speeds. And, the incredible bandwidth does not let you slowdown during peak usage times.

All in all MetroNet internet deals definitely bring good value for your money.

Know More about MetroNet Inc. Services

MetroNet Inc. started to offer fiber internet services to the residents of the United States almost 15 years ago. Company has its headquarters situated in Evansville, Indiana.

The provider started out at Greencastle, Indiana. But has since expanded its reach to over 100 communities across several other states. Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky are the 3 states with the most impressive MetroNet footprint.

MetroNet has long-focused on developing and expanding a state of the art fiber optic network. The provider aims to deliver fiber services that are comparable to what is available in major metropolises. And, has committed to connecting more and more communities. So, it continues to expand its pure fiber network to more areas. And, ensure subscribers continue to enjoy 100% Fiber Advantage.

The best thing about MetroNet services is that you are never without after-sales help. MetroNet has established many retail stores across the communities it serves. The staff belongs to the community. Familiar faces, receptive ears, and a helping hand from people you know. These things can do wonders when it comes to customer support.

MetroNet Internet and TV services are available standalone. While, you can also get internet, TV, and phone services in Double or Triple Play bundles.

MetroNet Fiber Internet

MetroNet offers pure fiber optic internet in a variety of speed tiers. Fiber optic cables consist of hundreds of optical fibers, less than 1/10 of the thickness of a human hair strand. These cables carry data through pulses of light. So, data transfer occurs at ultra fast speeds. Unlike other wired networks such as copper or coaxial, the broad range of frequencies supported by fiber optic cables ensures more data travels at a faster rate, without significant loss of quality. This is why the MetroNet fiber connection delivers higher bandwidth than other networks. And, makes sure you get high download and upload speeds, despite network congestion.

MetroNet Fiber TV

MetroNet brings you in-home entertainment by using IPTV technology. The IPTV service works even better over a 100% fiber optic network. More bandwidth means you catch the broadcast without pauses, buffering, lags or pixelation. What you see with the 100% Fiber Advantage is a crystal clear picture.

MetroNet Fiber TV service offers a variety of 3 plans. Each gives you a mix of local and popular networks most watched by America, with free HD and 45 free music channels. MetroNet makes your experience convenient and flexible. It gives you access to the interactive on-screen program guide, fast channel change technology, Video On Demand & Pay-Per-View, TV Everywhere feature, streaming apps, whole-home DVR, and much more.

MetroNet Fiber Phone

MetroNet Fiber Phone service is delivered over the same fiber optic network as the internet and TV services. So, the VoIP service comes with the same Fiber Advantage as you get to enjoy with MetroNet Fiber Internet & TV. Incredible bandwidth allowed by fiber optic cables carries the voice signal with unmatched clarity. The reliability of the MetroNet fiber network makes it a dependable alternative to expensive cellular services when you are home.

The Fiber Phone service for your home comes bundled with MetroNet internet and/or Fiber TV. At one flat monthly rate! You get 1,000 FREE domestic long distance minutes, unlimited local calling, and 17 useful calling features including Voicemail.

Internet-Only Plans & MetroNet Pricing

Which Plan is Right for You?

Wondering which MetroNet Fiber plan to go for? We’d suggest you review what you need the internet service for. Get a count of how many devices would connect to the in-home network. And then keep in view What You Can Do with available MetroNet speeds.

Here is a complete comparison of MetroNet internet plans and prices. Enjoy dozens of perks and a hassle-free online experience. Pick the MetroNet internet deal that matches your pace and pocket.

MetroNet Fiber Internet Plan Pricing Details Max. Download & Upload Speed
100/100 Mbps $49.95/mo.
$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies
100 Mbps
200/200 Mbps $49.95/mo.
For the first 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies
200 Mbps
200/200 Mbps +
Whole-Home Wi-Fi
$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. 2 Year Price Lock Guarantee
200 Mbps
500/500 Mbps $59.95/mo.
For the first 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies
500 Mbps
500/500 Mbps +
Whole-Home Wi-Fi
$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies 2 Year Price Lock Guarantee
500 Mbps
Gigabit $59.95/mo.
For the first 6 months & $69.95 for the next 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies
1 Gig
Gigabit +
Whole-Home WiFi
For the first 12 months & $74.95 for the next 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies
1 Gig

MetroNet Whole-Home Wi-Fi — No More Dead Zones!

Boost the internet signals in every corner of your home. Include the MetroNet Whole-Home Wi-Fi to your MetroNet fiber internet plan for $9.95/mo.

Get your entire family to surf, play, stream, and work without experiencing a lag even during peak times. Whether you are in your backyard or in the basement. Upstairs or downstairs. You will get stronger Wi-Fi signal from your in-home network. The big plus is that MetroNet professionals will determine it for you how exactly the in-home network must be boosted. Rest assured what you will get is the full benefit of fast speeds.

Bring Your Own Modem and Router

Want to hook up your own device to establish an in-home network? You can do that. But, you won’t be saving with your fiber internet plan every month. Because MetroNet doesn’t charge you an extra fee for the wireless router. It comes included in the base cost of your MetroNet internet plan.

The good news is if you still choose to BYOD, the local tech support will ensure third party devices are working right with your MetroNet internet connection.

Internet pic by Metronet Internet

Is MetroNet Fiber Internet Worth It?


  • Gigabit internet at affordable rates
  • No data caps or contracts
  • 100% pure fiber connection
  • Same upload and download speeds & no slowdowns
  • Same or next-day installation
  • Contract buyout up to $150
  • Static IP available with residential internet plans


  • Additional technology service fee
  • You will only get a private IP, and will have to purchase public static IP for a small fee per month.
  • Coverage limited to 7 states

Check Amazing MetroNet Plans at Your Address


MetroNet Internet Plans Are Hard to Beat

They are that good! MetroNet Fiber plans start out at an affordable $49.95/month. You can get 100 Mbps of download and upload speeds. If you are a power user, you can go for higher MetroNet speed tiers—200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gig.

Whichever plan you choose, you get to experience abundance of bandwidth and speed. Because you connect to a 100% fiber optic network. At affordable rates, with unlimited data and no long-term contracts. That is what you get on top of the Fiber Advantage. So, with MetroNet you stand covered on all fronts.

As a special offer from MetroNet, with plans which give you speeds as high as 200 Mbps and above, you can opt to take a 2-year Price Lock Guarantee. And, also include Whole-Home Wi-Fi to the deal. All with real savings!

MetroNet Fiber

Is it Available in My State?

From the Land of Lincoln to the Bluegrass State, MetroNet has established its footprint across 160+ ZIP codes in 7 states. Since its beginnings in 2005, MetroNet has continued to provide super-fast and cutting-edge fiber optic internet to more and more communities. In all, MetroNet Fiber is available to an estimated 1.5 million. That makes it rank as the 10th largest residential fiber internet provider in the U.S. As coverage continues to expand, Tallahassee, Florida is the most recent addition to MetroNet markets.

Find out if you can get ultra-fast symmetrical speeds at affordable rates with MetroNet. Take a look at its coverage span—both by state and city.

MetroNet Service States Population Covered Max Speed Offered
Indiana 620,337 1,000 mbps
Illinois 443,695 1,000 mbps
Kentucky 230,071 1,000 mbps
Michigan 104,132 1,000 mbps
Minnesota 36,210 1,000 mbps
Iowa 30,564 1,000 mbps
Ohio 1,409 1,000 mbps

MetroNet Fiber Cites & MetroZones

MetroNet Internet serves over 90 cities and towns in 7 service states. The provider endeavors to connect more and more communities with the new-gen fiber optic internet. And, for this reason continues to establish MetroZones.

MetroZones are localities which have been surveyed for feasibility of laying out a fiber optic network. But, the final choice is for the residents of the neighborhood to make. Each MetroZone has a clear goal and timeline. And each is tracked for the level of interest among its residents. Once it is established the people are interested in the 100% Fiber Advantage, MetroNet moves forward with expansion of its network.

If your area does not have access to MetroNet Fiber yet, you can create a MetroZone account on the MetroNet website and pay a small amount as upfront deposit to express your genuine interest.

Meanwhile, MetroNet Fiber is available in the following cities and towns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MetroNet charges you a mandatory technology service fee to cover for any broken set-top boxes, router, MetroNet owned-equipment, or a service call. So if any of the equipment is damaged or the internet wiring inside and outside your home requires repairs, MetroNet technicians will repair or replace it without any charge. You never have to pay an additional fee if a MetroNet technician visits your house.

If you see your MetroNet TV pricing fluctuating in your monthly bill, it is due to the increase in the cost of delivering MetroNet Fiber TV. These charges pass on to you in the month they are incurred without any mark-up.

You can contact MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143. If MetroNet serves the location you are moving to, customer service will handle the transfer of your MetroNet service to the new address.

If you are facing any trouble or issue with your MetroNet service, you can always contact MetroNet at Or you can give MetroNet Customer Service a call at 1-844-343-1143. They will ensure your issues are resolved. But if you still want to cancel your service, customer service will oblige.

Fiber optic cables send data through pulses of light. Which makes data transfer extremely fast, and allows for greater data transfer over long distances. So, you get symmetrical download and upload speeds, which allows for hardcore streaming, gaming, and telecommuting. And, every member of your household can connect without lags.

No. MetroNet doesn’t bind you in long-term contracts. You can cancel the service anytime without a penalty.

No. MetroNet offers unlimited internet data so you can stream to your heart’s connect and do much more.

Yes. MetroNet makes switching of service easy. The provider buys out your contract with another provider. MetroNet offers up to $150 in contract buyout.

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