Why Choose Grande Internet?

Texans don’t like to settle for anything that’s less than the best. That is why Grande Communications Networks stepped in with a mission to provide the Lone Star cities with affordable, but quality high-speed internet, over 10 years ago.

Grande Communications Internet is primarily delivered over a fiber optic network. Fiber optic technology supports high bandwidth and improves the quality of data transfer. Fiber optic networks boost many aspects of internet performance. For instance, less power loss and smooth data transmission over longer distances.

Five of the top ten fastest growing cities in the U.S. are in Texas. And, Grande Communications supports this burst of modern growth. The provider empowers 160,000 Texans with its promise to deliver honest speeds and remarkable consistency. And by doing so, Grande Internet gives rivals a run for their money on many fronts.

Grande Texas

Grande is Exclusive to Texas

Grande Communications Networks has led the effort to provide quality internet and top-notch TV entertainment to subscribers in Texas for over 10 years. And, the provider has always made sure its services save people some money as well.

There has been growing competition in the industry in recent times. But Grande has succeeded in making its mark in its home-state. Because the provider knows what Texans want when they look for internet, TV and phone services. And it has always paid attention to their preferences.

Customer focused effort has well paid off. And today, Grande is one of the most reliable Texan cable providers. It outshines the competition in Texas with 1.3 million people in its network fold. All major Texan cities like Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, San Marcos, Odessa, Temple, and Waco enjoy services from Grande.

Grande Keystones

4 Grande Keystones

Grande Communications strives to bring greater value to its subscribers. The provider’s mission is to offer choice and quality service at affordable rates.

Grande offers a variety of 4 internet types. Popular cable broadband, high-speed DSL, ultra-fast fiber optic, and steady copper.

Are you a startup, a small business or a corporate? Or are you a Texan family with standard digital needs? In any case, you can count on Grande Internet!

Grande helps you maintain your data bases, offers you connectivity solutions, and runs your communication. Grande also allows you to relax, and do what you love to do online in your leisure time.

Grande internet packages are carefully designed to fit your needs and are reasonably priced to fit your pocket.

Grande Internet Speed

Service as Promised

The speed of your internet connection makes or breaks your relationship with your ISP. Most ISPs promise one speed and deliver another. Sloppy speeds give you endless buffering loops and a bad ping. That is a nightmare for all your digital dreams. And such a poor experience can easily end your relationship with your ISP.

Grande Communications Networks keeps its word. And delivers the speeds it advertises. Your experience with the provider will prove that Grande is less talk and more action. Over the years Grande has worked hard to upgrade its network to the latest technology standards.

As a result of these efforts you get the speed that Grande promises you. You don’t feel frustrated that you are paying for what you don’t get. You can choose what suits you from the variety of available speeds. And rest assure Grande Communications Internet will not disappoint you.

Grande Communications Internet Works Best with Eero Whole-Home Wi-Fi

Grande Communications Internet plans come with standard in-home Wi-Fi included. However, some times the size and shape of a house can make signals weak in some parts. We have all experienced times when the Wi-Fi signal in the living room is stronger than it is in the bedroom. Or when we can stream videos in the living room without a lag, but cannot even load a webpage in the backyard. This happens because traditional Wi-Fi networks rely on a single router to relay the wireless signal. So the signal is strong only when you are near the router.

Grande Communications offers you the choice to improve your in-home Wi-Fi network. You can upgrade to the affordable Eero whole-home Wi-Fi system for only $9.95/mo. This advanced Wi-Fi system uses TrueMesh technology. The Eero base combined with the Eero beacon(s) provides wall-to-wall coverage. With many access points placed around the house, you can turn every inch of your home into a Wi-Fi comfort zone!

How Does the Eero Wi-Fi System Work?

A standard gateway or wireless router remains fixed in one spot. But the Eero family is able to establish a “mesh network” that covers your entire house. Plug in the Eero base into your modem. Place around the house as many Eero beacons as necessary to carry the signal. And watch how the Eero team brings a remarkable improvement in range, speed, and stability of your Wi-Fi network. The world’s most flexible Wi-Fi system establishes a strong connection that doesn’t die out even when many devices are connected.

The enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi system from Grande works flawlessly with all your devices, including: Mac Laptop/Desktop, PC Laptop/Desktop, Linux Laptop/Desktop, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Amazon Echo, Roku, Sony PlayStation 3 & 4, Microsoft Xbox One & 360, Nintendo Wii and more.

Plus, you can easily manage your in-home Wi-Fi network via the Eero app. Check network status, run speed tests, set up a guest network, make family profiles and do a lot more to make your life more convenient.

Enjoy Greater Security with Eero Secure+

Grande Communications makes it hassle free for you to keep all your devices and personal information protected. You can subscribe to the Eero Secure+ service for only $9.99/mo. In exchange, you get advanced online protection from viruses, malware etc. Eero Secure+ will also block ads, filter content, facilitate SafeSearch, shield your privacy via VPN, and let you manage passwords without hassle.

You can control everything via a user-friendly mobile app. This app basically combines the best wireless internet security features and tools offered by Eero Secure+.

Grande Internet

Planning to Cut the Cord? Grande Internet has your back!

Cord–cutting has become a buzz word recently. There has been a noticeable rise in the number of people everywhere who want to take that route. Online video streaming services have become increasingly popular among Texans as well. Many find it cheaper and more convenient to use their internet connection to stream and watch the content they like.

Grande Communications Internet offers plans that are perfect for streaming video content. Starting speeds are as high as 300 Mbps in most service areas. Grande internet plans also do not place a limit on your data allowance. With fast download speeds and unlimited data you can easily watch what you like online. Gig Internet from Grande has the power to make dreams come true for anyone who loves to stream in 4k definition.

Grande Communications Networks serves over 270 ZIP codes in Texas. So if you’re a resident of the Lone Star, you’re just a ZIP away from subscribing to popular Grande internet plans. You can check for availability in your neighborhood by running your ZIP code.

Which Grande Internet Plan is Best For You?

Grande Communications Internet is delivered over an upgraded network which is supported by the latest standards of data transfer technology. The provider uses a 100% fiber-optic network to bring powerful speeds to its Gig Internet subscribers. Rest assured you will be able to do everything you love to do online, even if you sign up for a plan that promises 300 Mbps or 600 Mbps download speeds. Grande Communications guarantees no hiccups.

The best internet plan is always the one that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Grande makes things simple for you. You get three amazing speeds to choose from. But you must know what you need the speed for before you subscribe. So take a look and think about which internet plan from Grande Communications will be your best bet!

300 Mbps

Best for

  • Multiple users
  • Fast downloading & uploading
  • Gaming
  • Video streaming

600 Mbps

Best for

  • Downloading and uploading big files in seconds
  • 4k-quality gameplay
  • HD video streaming

940 Mbps

Best for

  • Everything internet that you can possibly think of!
  • You can even connect your smart home with Gig speeds from Grande!

Here is an overview of what Grande internet plans feature. Now that you know what speed you need, you can go ahead and take your pick from these plans:

Grande 300 Mbps Internet

$35.99/mo. for 24 months

  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 20 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • Standard in-home Wi-Fi
  • Online Security & Support

Grande 600 Mbps Internet

$49.99/mo. for 24 months

  • Download speeds up to 600 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 35 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • Standard in-home Wi-Fi
  • Online Security & Support

Grande Gig Internet

$69.99/mo. for 24 months

  • Download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • Standard in-home Wi-Fi
  • Online Security & Support

Save Big with Grande Communications Internet Packages

Why should you choose Internet-only plan when you can get more for less?

Are you a family that likes to have quality time around TV every evening? Well, then cable TV from Grande Communications is a perfect choice for your household. You can access a diverse channel lineup and watch HD programming too. Grande’s Preferred TV brings you popular American networks and programming from a variety of genres. Family entertainment, news and current affairs, sports and children’s content – it is all included! Grande TV lets you enjoy TV entertainment in a traditional way, but with a modern touch.

Tired of your costly cell service? Want to stay in touch with loved ones across the country without breaking the bank? Well, Grande has you covered there too! You can make unlimited local and long-distance calls in the U.S. And you can also stay in touch with loved ones in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico without counting the minutes. Crystal-clear voice quality with 15+ essential calling features make your daily communication totally hassle-free. Grande phone service is designed to give your cell service a tough run for the money!

Ready to go the “Grande Way” all the way? Bundle Grande Communications Internet, with TV and home phone at discounted rates.

Grande 300M Internet + Basic TV + Phone

  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Digital Basic TV with 40+ channels
  • Video On Demand with thousands of titles
  • Home phone with unlimited nationwide calling

$69.59/mo.* 24 Months Internet & Phone Pricing. Equipment Priced Separately

Grande 600M Internet + Preferred TV + Phone

  • Download speeds up to 600 Mbps
  • Preferred TV with 220+ channels
  • Video On Demand with thousands of titles
  • Home phone with unlimited nationwide calling

$129.24/mo.* 24 Months Internet & Phone Pricing. Equipment Priced Separately

Grande Gig Internet + Preferred TV + Phone

  • Download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Preferred TV with 220+ channels
  • Thousands of On Demand Options
  • Home phone with unlimited nationwide calling

$144.24/mo.* 4 Months Internet & Phone Pricing. Equipment Priced Separately

Grande Gig Internet + Premier TV

  • Download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • 295+ channels including 3 MoviePlex channels, NFL Network, NBC Sports Network etc.
  • Thousands of On Demand options
  • TiVo® HD-DVR & Receiver Included

$156.73/mo. 24 Months Internet Pricing. Equipment Priced Separately.

The Grande Pledge

24/7 US-Based Customer Service

Grande Communications customer service representatives are locally based and are available to extend 24/7 customer support to valued Grande subscribers.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can get a full refund of service and installation charges if you’re not satisfied with Grande Communications, and decide to opt out within 30 days of service installation.

Easy to Understand Bill

Grande explains every item on your bill making it easy to read and comprehend, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

2 Hour Service Windows 7 Days a Week

Grande Communications Networks offers flexible and convenient 2-hour windows, everyday of the week to provide you with a customer friendly service.

No Mandatory Contracts

Grande Communications does not lock you in a contract.

On-Time Guarantee

In case of delays in service, Grande Communications will give you a $20 credit.

We’ll Make Every Effort to Resolve Your Issue the First Time

Grande Communications provides personalized care to all subscribers, because the customer is always the top-most priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grande Communications Internet is known for delivering high-speed, fiber-backed internet in multiple cities of Texas at affordable prices. Grande has a customer base that is 160,000+ strong.

Grande Communications Internet is available in 3 different speeds i.e. 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps, & 940 Mbps.

With Grande Communications Internet you get standard in-home Wi-Fi included. But you also have the option to add an enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi system from Eero. The Eero Wi-Fi system comes cheap. For only $9.95 a month, you get one base Eero and one beacon Eero. You can add more access points at $5/mo. per Eero beacon, depending on the size and shape of your house.

Grande Communications Customer Service at 1-844-381-0817, to have your Internet, TV and Home Phone related questions answered, or any other service related concerns resolved.

Yes, Grande Communications Customer Service is available around the clock. Grande professionals are always there to address your internet, TV and phone related issues.

Grande Communications Internet is available in Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, San Marcos, Midland/Odessa, Temple and Waco.

To place your order for a Grande Communications Internet connection, call 1-844-381-0817

Grande Communications internet connects 279 ZIP codes across Texas.

Gig Internet from Grande Communications Service is 100% Fiber Optic. Grande uses a FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) network to ensure consistent performance.

Yes, you can subscribe to Grande Communications Internet as a standalone service.

Want to know about Premium Networks on Grande TV? Call 1-844-381-0817

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